Supplied production:

“SMS FE” Llc Company provides a wide range of technological equipment for the automation of oil refineries.

Our Company independently implements logistics and insurance of supplied equipment, providing the best delivery terms for the Customer. For regular Customers we provide the products without prepayment.

Control and instrumentation

Safety valves, level gauges, pressure transmitters, flowmeters, frequency converters, gas analyzers

Column internals

Gas and liquid distribution systems, transition sections, inlet and flashing feed systems SULZER ensure optimal performance of the column. If the optimal separation of liquid and vapor with low pressure drop is necessary, there is heavily loaded spreaders for columns. Collecting devices, flash feed systems, liquid inlet systems, support and locating devices.


Sulzer Pumps – centrifugal pumps for gas and oil producing, refining, electric power, pulp and paper industries as well as water supply and water dump.
Sulzer Pumps produces multiphase pumps, singlestage centrifugal pumps, pumping plants, vertical pumps.


Explosionproof casing and shell, industrial electric heating systems for hazardous facilities, control and switching systems for use in aggressive or explosive environments, explosionproof transformer substations, explosionproof converters, explosionproof starters.

Process analyzers Artvik

Moisture-in-Gas Analyzers
Flue Gas Analyzers
Sulfur Analyzers
Petroleum Analyzers
Spectrophotometer Gas Analyzers
Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzers

Filter equipment

FILTREX equipment for industries: refinery and petrochemical, chemical industry, power gen.

Оборудование Siemens

• Распределительные устройства 35, 10, 6кВ,
• Шкафы низковольтные 0,4кВ НКУ
• Трансформаторы распределительные, сухие
• Блочно-модульные подстанции 35/10кВ, 6/0,4кВ, 110/10кВ, КТП, ТП
• Программируемые контроллеры SIMATIC S7
• Распределенная периферия SIMATIC ET200
• HMI-приложения SIMATIC WinCC
• SIMATIC WinCC flexible и ProTool
• DCS-системы SIMATIC PCS 7

APCS equipment

Controllers; operator panels; industrial computers, monitors; motor control devices; distributing boards and cabinets, telecommunication racks and cabinets, outdoor enclosures, microclimate control equipment; software; power modules; connectors; sensors from Companies: Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Citect, Phoenix contact, RITTAL.



• Системы управления технологическими процессами
• Детекторы газа (стационарные и переносные)
• Системы пожарной сигнализации и речевого оповещения Esser® by Honeywell
• Промышленные системы беспроводной связи OneWireless(R)
• Датчики, реле и регуляторы
• Техническое обслуживание и поддержка
• Промышленные системы защиты и безопасности